Friday, 26 March 2010

How incompetent and lazy my l.a is.

Yesterday we attended court for a directions hearing according to everyone else there wasn't a hearing but as we made our walk to the train station solicitor phoned and said there is a hearing so we arrive back at the court waiting for the solicitors to get there.As they arrived they asked how we knew about it because they hadn't told us as my solicitor had been on holiday(alright for some eh?) so the only people who could of told us is the social services themselves.They seem to deny any knowledge of the hearing(not that this suprises me really to be honest) As well as this they fail to turn up to court as no one is available to attend (yeah right)so there is only me,my partner,my legal,my partner's legal and the children's solicitor.Our case has been running for 2 years now and (the Judge)asked questions why it has taken so long so then it the Children's solicitor has to explain how they hired an pyschologist(who wasn't really qualified as they had thought) the Judge replies so to put it in a nutshell you hired an expert who really wasn't an expert and children's solicitor replies yes your honour. But the social services sent their apologies for not attending court passed through the children's solicitor at the beginning of the hearing but how can parents know about a hearing if no one else knows? I'm not pyschic so someone must of told me but i can't remember who told me.

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